What is white sage used for?                               

Native Americans started the tradition of using sacred sage to ward off evils spirits and negative energies, and white sage has been used in ceremonies to seek blessings of health and prosperity, banish spirits, encourage protection. 

Used in rituals and ceremonies for centuries, white sage is often burned to create its intended effects. Burning sage is a ritual known as smudging.

Smudging is a cleansing ceremony used to help people, places, or even objects get rid of negative energy or even bad spirits


How do you cleanse your house with sage?

Wave the smoke into all corners, across doorways and into shadow spaces.

To maintain the atmosphere of ritual, keep repeating the incantation in your mind as you diffuse the smoke.

Once the space is cleared, allow the sage bundle to either burn out or gently press it out in your heat-proof shell or container.


What is sage used for spiritual?

It can be a spiritual tool. Smudging has long been used to connect to the spiritual realm or enhance intuition.

For healers and laypeople in traditional cultures, burning sage is used to achieve a healing state — or to solve or reflect upon spiritual dilemmas.


What are the benefits of burning white sage?

Most people, choose to burn white sage, to help get rid of negative energy or even bad spirits

It has develop a practice to release and clear energy from your space.

Sage Smudging is a ritual where the leaves of the Sage plant are burned, and the smoke is directed into and onto areas that are in need of clearing and protection.


What is Sage good for?

The leaf is used to make medicine. Sage is used for digestive problems, including loss of appetite, gas (flatulence), stomach pain (gastritis), diarrhea, bloating, and heartburn. It is also used for reducing overproduction of perspiration and saliva; and for depression, memory loss, and Alzheimer's disease.


What is burning sage good for?

Clearing out negative energy or even bad spirits in ones surrounding place enables neutral energy, which naturally helps with intuition.

The Native American tribes were known to use sage for multiple purposes such as healing, clearing space and ceremonies.

Many benefits can be gained in utilizing sage for smudging.

What does sage do for spirits?

Sage Smudging is a ritual where the leaves of the sage plant are burned, and the smoke is directed into and onto areas that are in need of clearing and protection. ... As the smoke clears, the spirit of white sage carries with it the negative energy that was once attached, back up to the Spiritual Light.



Keep the windows and doors closed to the room you have chosen to smudge.

You can take a fan or a small piece of cardboard and start in one corner of your room, and gently waft the smoke after it clears the bowl, from the floor, up, toward the ceiling.

Do this in a clockwise circle in each corner of your room.

When you are done with the fourth corner, move to the centre of the room, raise the bowl chest high and waft smoke up toward the centre of the room.

When you leave the room, shut the door behind you. 

When you go back one hour later, you will feel that the room feels better and feels free of negative energy or even bad spirits.


If you are doing a complete house, then do each room in this fashion.

Do not miss a room.

Get all of them.

If you want only one room done, then close the door behind you and smudge the room and leave the smoke in that room do not open windows or doors to let it out.


Bend over, so that the sage is about the level of your feet and ankles.

Gently wave the smoke, with your hand, and upward.

As you slowly straighten up, allow the sage and smoke to come up with you.

Once you are done.

You are now "smudged" cleaned free of any negative energy or bad spirits.


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