Crystal Lamps

We personally select the crystals to design the most outstanding unique lamps.
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Crystal lamps designed and produced by the team at Forever Exotic made from recycled timbers.

We personally select the crystals to design the most outstanding unique lamps.

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An Exotic Range of Crystal Creation Lamps In Melbourne

Forever Exotic range of Crystal lamps in Australia offers a unique and stunning addition to any home decor.

Crystal lamps are unique and beautiful way to enrich your homes, offices, restaurants, and cafes around the world.

At Forever Exotic we design and  personally select the crystals to design the most outstanding unique lamps.

We offer a wide range of beautiful crystal lamps in various shapes, sizes, colours, crystals, including natural timber from the strezleki range in the Gippsland region of Victoria Australia, to suit any style or preference.

Each crystal lamps are all designed, hand crafted to create a one of a kind piece, making them a true work of art.

With Forever Exotic range of crystal lamps in Melbourne to choose from, you can find the perfect crystal lamp to suit any occasion.

Our Crystals of Mindfulness, Meditation, Deep Peace, Love, and Healing

This is a wonderful way to create a simple ritual of positive affirmation.

Each crystals lamps have, a vibrations that has a high frequency said to have a calming effect and instils deep peace, love, healing and brings clarity of mind, giving you balance.

Our handpicked crystals lamps are the perfect way to heal, manifest and motivate you to lead your best life.

All of our crystal lamps are ethically sourced raw or tumbled to help assist you on your chosen path.

Crystals are selected according to the category of wellness, luck, love, positive energy, abundance or whatever your heart desires.

Receive Positive Energy

Are you looking to bring more tranquillity, peace and harmony into your life and wondering whether crystals can play a role?
Life can sometimes get a little too chaotic and trigger stress and anxiety.

Crystals can play a role in your life, helping to bring some positive and calming energy into your life.

The idea is that crystals interact with the body energy field, creating balance and aligment.

Crystals promote the flow of positive energy and helps to assit you on your choosen path.

Our Crystal Lamps Promots






Positive energy


The warm glow of the crystal lamps  creates a pleasant atmosphere helping you experience calmness and peace.

Comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any decor

Crystal Lamps available For Sale

Forever Exotic crystal lamp in Australia are available for sales, in Melbourne at affordable prices.

Buy now and transform your space into a serene sanctuary or whether you are looking to improve your home decore, buy that someone a special gift or enhance your wellbeing there is a crystal lamp for you.