Bath Salt

Pamper yourself naturally.

Bath salts are the most cleansing and therapeutic of all the aromatherapy bath recipes, they help to improves with sleep, reduces stress, anxiety, relaxes tight muscles, relieves pain by helping reduce inflammation, soothes your nerves, and recharges your system.                                                                                  

Relax and soak in your bath or spa bath with Himalayan salt.

Using Himalayan Salt to detox the body is a simple way to release toxins which can build up in our system for many reasons.

Bathing with Himalayan Salt has the added benefit of absorbing the 84 trace elements and minerals for the body, helps to open the pores and purify the skin making you feel fresh and clean.

Detoxing the body helps the body to relax, helps to relief back pain, muscle tension, spasms, and a stiff back.

When Himalayan salt is dissolved in water, it creates a concentrated, electrically charged blend, containing 84 trace elements and minerals that match those found in our body.

The hot temperature of the water brings the toxins to the surface of the skin.

As the temperature starts to cool down, the toxins flow out of the body through the skin, and into the water.

Bathing with Himalayan bath salts stimulates circulation, hydrates the skin, increases moisture retention, promotes cellular regeneration, detoxifies the skin, and helps heal dry, scaling, irritated skin.

Himalayan saltwater bathing reduces inflammation of the muscles and joints, relaxes muscles, and relieves pain and soreness.

Suggest time to stay in the bath is approx. 30-45 minutes, it rids your body of toxins, soothes aches and pains, improves circulation, helps with skin irritation, relaxes the mind and body, helps to have a good night sleep.

Skin feels smoothed, nourished, and revitalised.

Stimulates gentle detoxification, helps to softens your skin, relieve any skin condition.

Himalayan Bath Salts also softens the skin by removing dryness and help to improve skin conditions such as:
*Dry and Oily skin
*Fungal Infections 
*Sore Muscles 
*Skin Irritations 
*Skin Rashes 
*Heals Cuts 
*Mossie Bites 
*Sore Tired Feet 

*Remove Toxins and help the body to relax, helps to improve the way you feel.

Himalayan salt is loaded with over 84 trace elements and minerals.

Take a salt bath when you're feeling stressed, tight muscles, or feeling unwell.

It will help ease your achy muscles and joints, relieve tight chest, cough, and sniffles, and helps to relax the mind, and body.

We recommend adding 250gm (1 cup) of the Himalayan salt in running warm water.

For a full detox we recommend adding 1000g (1kg bag) of the Himalayan salt.

Mix well to ensure salt has dissolved in the bath before entering.

Sit back, relax, unwind, and enjoy your personal bath time. 

Can be used daily!

How Does Aromatherapy Stress Reduction Work?

Aromatherapy triggers a positive emotional and physical response by stimulating your body's limbic (emotional) and endocrine (hormonal) systems.

For example, when you smell Lavender essential oil, its microscopic chemicals immediately trigger your system to calm your nervous system and relax your muscles.


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