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Enjoy the benefits of sitting in a salt room in the comfort of your own home.                                                                       

Salt Pipe With Enough Himalayan Salt to Last Up To Four Years

10 Reason For Needing A Himalayan Salt Inhaler In Your Life!

1: Reduce Allergy & Asthma Symptoms

2: Ease Coughing and Unblocks Nose

3: COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) *Emphysema 

4: Reduce Inflammation and Infections of The Lung 

5: Increases Your Aerobic and Lung Capacity 

6: Better Sleep

7: Ease Breathing Difficulties

8: Improve Sinus Conditions

9: Reduce Some Types of Snoring

10: Enhances the Immune System

100% Natural Drug Free Salt Pipe, No Chemical Are Put into Your System.

Salt therapy salt pipe is all natural, and is designed to relieve symptoms of congestion, inflammation, and allergies of the airways.

When dry therapy salt is breathed into the lungs, it lines the walls of the airways and draws out any inflammation or fluids and loosens congestion for easy breathing.

The microparticles of salt helps open the airway, to increase oxygen intake.

Salt can also help with cleansing the airway, helps to detox the lungs helping to improve in better breathing.

Helps widen the airways for better and easy breathing.

A medical study published in the journal of aerosol medicine stated the following:

“The course of halotherapy (Wikipedia: therapeutic use of exposure to salt air) resulted in improvements of the clinical state in most of the patients.

In the overwhelming majority of case, the number and intensity of asthma discomfort decreased or disappeared, which allowed in a number of cases, to cancel, or reduce the dosage of beta - agonist.

Most patients showed positive dynamic of symptoms indicative of a better drain function of their airway, sputum secretion alleviates, it becomes less viscous, coughing relieves, and the auscultative picture of the lungs alters.

Respiratory and Allergies can be controlled, although some people may experience long term issues. Symptoms can gradually or suddenly get more intense depending on the person.

As you breathe through the salt pipe, the moisture from the air picks up tiny particles of Himalayan salt and carries it deep into the lungs without side effects.

The salt then goes to work by moistening mucus membranes, thinning mucus, and bringing down inflammation.

These particles coat the inner mucosal membrane of the lungs and sinuses, reducing inflammation and thinning the mucous to unblock congested breathing problems.

If you suffer from any kind of respiratory symptoms, you can now treat it comfortably anytime with the use of a salt pipe for just 15-20 minutes daily draws air across our 250-million-year-old mineral-rich granules of Himalayan Crystal Salt. 

The Beneficial effects of which reaches the very microscopic aspect of the respiratory system and can help to resolve breathing problems.

Consistently using a salt inhaler will balance the histamine response in the lungs and sinus cavity by coating and protecting mucus membranes.

Halotherapy can also ease breathing difficulties, sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath and reduce snoring.

Halotherapy, derived from the Greek word halos, meaning “salt”, and is a therapy in which salt is used in various ways to heal and support the body.

The salt will diminish inflammation and reduce general irritation caused by allergens, smoke, and pollution.

It can improve sinus conditions and diminish the effects of smoking and dehydration.

Instruction For Use:

Breathing through the Forever Exotic Porcelain-Ceramic pipe for just 15-20 Minutes Daily draws air across our 250-million-year-old mineral-rich granules of Himalayan Crystal Salt. 

The Beneficial effects of which Reaches the Very Microscopic aspect of the Respiratory System and can help to Resolve Breathing Problems. 

How to use the Salt Pipe:   

Remove the plug from the base of the inhaler and fill with Himalayan salt provided.

Place your mouth completely covering the opening and breath in with your mouth and exhale out through your noise.

Make sure that you do not breathe back into the inhaler as it will add moisture to the salt.

Breath in normally, taking time after each breath at allow the tiny particles of salt to penetrate deep into your respiratory system.

For best results we recommend daily use for 15-20 minutes, in a single session or up to three sessions during the day (3x5 minutes session per day).

It may taste a little salty when first time you use it.

You may experience coughing or the urge to spit, this is just the process of detoxing the system.

Using the salt pipe regularly, you will notice that your breathing becomes easier, and any coughing caused by respiratory problems should lessen.

Salt pipe does not produce any side effects.


The salt provided is effective for a period of two years per fill, however it can sometimes become affected by moisture causing lack of flow.

This can be remedied by removing the plug from the base washing the inhaler which will dissolve the moist salt and drying it thoroughly.

Then insert salt, place it in the original packaging and keep in a warm dry place.

Refill using only Himalayan salt as it is completely natural and not processed in any way.

*Safe and gentle to use 
*Do not add water 
*Salt Pipes is for dry use only 
*Recommended for one person only, but can be shared by family members 
*Enjoy a breath of fresh air
*Vegan Friendly
*Purest salt in the world
*Contains no pollutants
*Free of toxins
*Contains 84 trace elements and minerals
*No side effects

Use the salt pipe while reading a book, surfing the internet, listening to music, or while watching TV.

Made from high quality porcelain-ceramic salt pipes, includes 100% all-natural Himalayan salt which contain 84 trace elements and minerals.

After use, place it back into the plastic bag or box provided. 

Weight: 200gm with Himalayan Salt

Height: 18cm

Clears the Lungs:    

Help to boost respiratory strength and enhance lung capacity.

Himalayan salt is a natural anti-inflammatory, that helps reduce inflammation.

Reduces Mucus:

Himalayan salt is very good to Clear up thick mucus by breaking it down or drying up the mucus.

This is the perfect combination for all respiratory conditions like dry cough, bronchitis, asthma, smokers cough, cold and flu, COPD, sore throats, sinus infections, hay fever, and other allergies.

Anyone with these respiratory symptoms can find some measure of relief by using the salt pipe.

Studies from the 1800's found that breathing pure, ionized (salted) air in salt mines could help reduce respiratory problems and the general irritation cause by smoking and air pollution


This is not a substitute of your regular medication.

Contains small plug, please keep out of reach of your little ones.


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