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Laundry Balls are - IN    Washing Powder are - Out

Wash Clothes Without Detergent


Laundry Balls are - IN    Washing Powder are - Out

Wash Clothes Without Detergent

Laundry balls are the most cost-effective & eco-friendly way to wash clothes.

Place the laundry ball into your washing machine & watch your clothes come out fresh and clean.

Save Hundreds Of Dollars On Laundry Detergent.

Up to 1,000 loads of washing per ball or 3 years.

Can be used in all types of washing machines.

Can be use in cold, warm, or hot water.

Machines up to 5kg use one ball, over 5kg use two balls.

Keep dry between washes.

To clean place under hot or cold running water.

*Saves Money

*Natural & Biodegradable

*Non - Toxic

*Detergent - Free

*No Residue On Clothing

*Cut Down Water Pollution

*Softens Clothes

*Ideal for Sensitive Skin

*Prevents Skin Allergies & Irritations

*Time Saver – NO Measuring Or Pouring Of Detergent

*No Harsh Chemicals Washed Into The Environment

*Pellets Are Naturally Antibacterial & Destroy Both E-Coli & Staphylococcus Bacteria

*Remove Odours From Clothing & Washing Machines

*No Colour Fading Increase Life Of Clothes

*Regular Detergent Costs Over 40 Cents Per Wash

*Laundry Balls Cost Only 3 Cents Per Wash

*Powerful All Natural Ceramics Pellets Alkalizes Water To Perfect PH Level

*Each laundry ball is about 4 inches in diameter

Laundry balls can be used daily!


How It Works

The pellets inside these washer balls use bio ceramic technology.

Bio ceramic pellets are a natural element that create hydrogen peroxide, a natural disinfectant, in the water, making the water more alkaline which makes for a more effective and thorough cleaning.

Simply toss the laundry balls inside your washing machine, before running each load (with NO detergent, bleach, or fabric softener needed), use warm or hot water, and enjoy clean clothes without all the mess.

They are quiet in the washing machine.

The washing pellets consist mainly of mineral oxides that make water less acidic, plus natural surfactants – agents that break up the surface tension of water.

As the active ingredients are released in the water, extra oxygen molecules are also formed and the pH level of the water is changed to become more alkaline.

The washing pellets contain trace quantities of a small number of these ingredients:


What it does

Sodium carbonate (washing soda or soda ash)

Softens the water and helps break down body oils and dirt.


Plant based saponins are a natural emulsifier which allows water and oils to mix helping to remove the oils from fabrics.

Olefin sulfonate

Olefin sulfonate is a surfactant that helps oily molecules and compounds dissolve in water.

Calcium carbonate

Commonly used in antacid tablets, it makes the water less acidic and is a base for the pellets.



Sodium metasilicate (water glass)

A strong alkaline base also used in home brewing and food preservation.


What it is:

What it does:

Optical brighteners

The dyes absorb certain spectrums of light to make fabrics look whiter and brighter. They’re a big culprit in allergic reactions.

Bleaching agents

Removes colour via oxidation. Keeps whites whiter but also fades colours and blacks very quickly.

Strong artificial fragrances

Often a factor in irritated skin.


Softens water. Its derivatives used in laundry detergent are banned in some countries.


Proteins that enhance certain chemical reactions and can kill off good bacteria.

How To Get Best Results?

Using laundry balls correctly, you’ll save time and money.

It will give your clothes and linen a gentle, thorough wash.

Does not contain detergent leaving no residue on clothing.

Can help Relieve skin allergies and reduce the environmental impact of doing the laundry.

Can be used for front and top loaders.

Follow the clothing fabric care labels and separate whites, colours, and darks as you would normally.

Pre-treat or pre-soak stains as needed.

For a stronger fragrance, use 5-10 drops of your favourite essential oil to make your clothes smell fresh and clean.

For brighter whites, add Simply Whiter Bleach Powder.

Place the ball anywhere into the drum of your machine with your washing.

Place one ball for machines up to 5kg, over 5kg use two balls.

Do a warm or hot wash once a week to keep your washing machine clean and to keep helping to clean your dirty clothes. 

To clean laundry ball place under hot or cold running water after a very muddy wash or a nappy load.


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