Chakra Tree Of Life Pendant - Includes Leather Band

7 Chakra Tree of Life Pendant - This beautiful Chakra "Tree of Life" pendant makes an incredible energy piece.

The important part of the 7 chakras is understanding that the energy flows through our 7 chakras.

The idea is, if you have blockages in your seven chakras, you may get ill or a disease.
Ultimately, your goal is to make sure the energy is flowing freely through your 7 chakras.

There are 7 clusters of tumbled chips creating the "leaves" on a silver-plated twisted wire tree.

Each Gemstone represents one of the 7 major Chakras:

1: Red Jasper (Reddish Brown) to boost Root Chakra.

2: Carnelian (Orange) to boost Sacral Chakra.

3: Topaz (Light Yellow) to boost Solar Plexus Chakra.

4: Aventurine (Green) to boost Heart Chakra

5: Lapis lazuli (Dark Blue) to boost Throat Chakra

6: Amethyst (Indigo) to boost Third Eye Chakra

7: Crystal (Clear) to boost Crown Chakra

The combination of these stones will work together to help cleanse, align, and balance your energy centres.

Wear this beautiful pendant, to keep negativity at bay, remain centred, and enhance healing. 

This pendant is a perfect gift for yourself or to someone else who is looking for a powerful energy, aims with creating balance in their lives.

Hand Made and each piece is unique.

'Tree of Life' pendant to boost and heal your chakra.

Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit; the body has main energy centres that look like spinning wheels or Chakra.

There are 7 main energy centres the body.

The energy flows from one part of the body to another.

When these Chakras are aligned and functioning properly, we feel sense of balance on all levels, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Gemstones are often used to strengthen and balance the Chakra

1st Chakra - Root or Base, red, black, garnet, hematite, black tourmaline.

2nd Chakra - Spleen, orange, carnelian, amber is for creativity, social interaction.

3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus, yellow, citrine, tiger eye, calcite is for energy and emotion.

4th Chakra - Heart, pink, green, rose quartz is for love, forgiveness, compassion, green aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity.

5th Chakra - Throat, blue, turquoise, sodalite, lapis is for communication & forgiveness.

6th Chakra - Brow or third eye, purple, amethyst, quartz is for intuitive powers and insight.

7th Chakra - The Crown, white, quartz, selenite, moonstone is for wisdom and knowledge.

Includes - Leather Band and Pouch.

Size: 2cm x 2cm

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