People Are Saying What Exactly Is Solay? - (Salt Water)

People Are Saying What Exactly Is Solay? - (Salt Water)

Solay - (salt water) is a health solution made up of just two very simple ingredients, Himalayan salt, and good quality water.

The salt is added to the water until all the salt is dissolve.

What I do is I add approx 300gm salt crystal chunks or sometimes I use granules into a liter of water.

What I use is a glass jug with a lid, (make sure that you use good quality water), so once I have done the mixture (if it is your first time making the solution make sure you follow the instruction and wait for 24 hours before drinking the salt water to prevent the solution from evaporating), then I place the lid onto the jug, then I place it onto the my kitchen bench to make sure that I take it every morning.

What I do before breakfast I take my mixture of salt water, I place a teaspoon into the jug take the salt water from my teaspoon place it into a glass with a little bit of water, (well the amount of water is up to you)  so it's not to salty then I drink it down - that it!

I know life can get in the way, but if you want to help your self feel better do this every morning and you can take the salt water three times a day depeneding how you are feeling.

You know if you clean yourself on the inside by flushing all the toxins, you will also help your skin on the outside, just remember it is pack with 84 trace elements and minerals it will improve your skin - that makes sense right!

If you can try and drink plenty of water at least 8 glasses a day.


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