10 Reason For Needing A Himalayan Salt Lamps In Your Home Or Office.


1: Cleanses & Deodorise the air

A Himalayan salt lamp is a natural filter that will rid your home of air pollution and positive ions, working as a natural air purifier, keep the salt lamp on 24/7 to maintain this purifying effect.

2: Reduce Allergy & Asthma Symptoms

Negative ions are essential to our health and wellbeing.

Himalayan salt lamps, 100% natural air ionizers are natural air purifiers that helps with respiratory conditions and clean the air of toxins.

Salt lamps are very useful on a daily basis to improve our health and physical wellbeing.

Himalayan Salt crystal lamps cleans the air of dust, pollen, allergens, reduces dust mites, smoke odours, kills mould spores, bacteria, viruses, neutralise electromagnetic fields, by producing negative ions, allows us to think more clearly, sleep more soundly, and stay healthier.

3: Ease Coughing

By breathing cleaner air, less irritants, also ionise air, helps relive the mucus and phlegm helping with coughing.

4: Increase Energy Levels

Having a Himalayan salt lamp increases negative ions which helps you feel energized like spending time down at the beach.

5: Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation

Negative ion is an electronically charged molecule made up of oxygen, and reduces positive ions, which is electromagnetic radiation.

6: Better Sleep

If you notice that your sleep circle tends to get interrupted, try placing a Himalayan salt lamps in your room, and leave on to allow the salt lamps to release negative ions, into the air giving you better air quality, once you have done this, you should start to begin, to see a huge improvement in your sleep patterns, feeling that you are having a better night sleep.

7: Improve Mood & Concentration

The atmosphere we breathe normally is full of positive and negative ions.

Air conditioning, lack of ventilation and long dry spells remove negative ions, which usually serve to latch onto airborne dirt particles and wrestle them to the floor, rendering the air purer.

The impact of negative ions is powerful.

Later they were discovered to affect Serotonin levels in the bloodstream, stabilise alpha rhythms and to positively affect reactions to sensory stimuli.

The attendant greater level of alertness can translate into improved learning, improved wellbeing, and enhanced performance of mental tasks.

8: Reduces Stress

Negative ions will balance serotonin (the chemical in the brain which makes us happy) and melatonin, helping to relieves stress, and boosts our daytime energy.

9: Reduce Static Electricity

Neutralise electromagnetic fields, by producing negative ions, that helps to reduce static electricity, in your home or office.

10: Environmentally Friendly light Source

Himalayan Salt lamp has a 15watt light bulb inside, it is the heat source which heats up the lamp to help release the Negative Ions into the air.

Leaving the salt lamps on 24/7 will cost between 40cents and 50cents per a week, not a day, which is a great savings on your electricity bill.

Helps to save on electricity by not using your overhead lights as much as you would.


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