Unbreakable with Andrew Zagami

Author: Andrew Zagami  Date Posted:14 January 2019 




Unbreakable with Andrew Zagami

An Inspirational Story From The Man With 9 Lives       

His story is an inspiration because he has overcome life threatening illness armed with no more skills than what you and I have!

He has left everyone with a sense of how to live their life to the fullest.

It is unbelievable read, it will bring up all sorts of emotion within you.

It’s not very often you meet people who inspire you to create change, but when you do, you’d better make sure you pay attention.

Last year during an event we were presenting at we met one of the speakers, Andy Zagami, who shared what his life had been like from the day he was born, this young man truly has 9 lives.

From a brain haemorrhage at birth, too many injuries to even list along with 3 cancer diagnosis’ just to name a few of the events he spoke about, Andy had the full attention of everyone in the room.

He had everyone questioning what the point of life was if we aren’t the healthiest version of ourselves?

What’s the purpose of working day after day, if our health suffers for it?

Jan was the first one to ask Andy a question as his talk finished which we then continued with him after, only to realize how timely this meeting had been.

It was time we started prioritizing our health more and it was clear Andy was the perfect person to help us do that.

We started personal training with Andy in late 2018 and plan to continue for a long time to come.

We understand health needs to be a lifelong commitment and having external accountability is our way to ensure we stay on track during the process.

Andy has been a personal trainer for over a decade, as well as a nutritional therapist and author of Unbreakable:

An Inspirational Story From The Man With 9 lives.

You can pick up your copy at our warehouse or online at www.unbreakablebook.com

His knowledge of nutrition and overall health was very inspiring, so if you think you could do with a bit of guidance, or you just want to reach out to him you can contact him through www.andyzagami.com.au or find him on Facebook.


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