Banksia Pod Information

Frequently Asked Question:

Are They Australian Made?

Yes they are,100% hand made right here in Australia.

Individually Hand Crafted From Australian Banksia Seed Pods.

Hand Made From The Higly Porous Banksia Grandis pPd

Collected Under Strict State Forestry Conditions By Licensed Pickers

What Do They Use To Make Them?

The native Australian banksia tree is one of Australia's most iconic wildflowers.

The tree is know for it's colurful flower spikes and unique seed pod of which this product is made from.

Aroma pods are havested, then hand turned and crafted into a beautiful piece of art.

How Does The Aroma Pod Work?

The Banksia pod grandis seed pod ( the material from which they are made) is particularly porous.

It soaks up any essential oil and slowly releases the araoma through its pores.

No flames and no electricity are needed wioth our all natural diffuser.

How To Use The Banksia Pods?

Romove the cork from the aroma banksia pod.

Choose a good quailty essential oil or blend and place - 1ml of oil into the pod.

Place the cork back onto the aroma pod.

Aroma banksia pod is the most convenient and easy way to make any room smell beautiful.

Banksia aroma pods is a natural diffuser, it works by soaking up the essential oil.

All you need to do is keep it topped up and to sit it in your favourite space.

The banksia pod does the rest.

The aroma should last up to 2 weeks - add a few extra drops of essential oil weekly for a longer lasting effect.

Are How Often Do You Fill The Aroma Pod With Essential Oil?

It depends on the quaily of the essential oil, how much has been put into the pod and the customers sense of smell.

If no smell is present, simply add more drops of the essential oil in to the pod.

Are Will The Oil Leak Through The Bottom Of The Aroma Pod?

Each aroma pod is tested to ensure they don't leak.

However, the aorma pod is made from naturally porous material and it is recommended that something is placed underneath to protect painted or highly polished surfaces.

Are Can I Change The Scent Of The Essential Oil?

As soon as the essential oil dissipates, you can change the essetial oil and add another one of your favourite essential oil.

Are Can These Products Be Taken Overseas?

Yes these aroma pods can be taken all over the world!  - However if you are asked to declare a timber product in the country you are entering you must declare tthe product.

We do not provide a document for use when travelling through customs.

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